Premium Consulting Services

We recognize the technological landscape for business and governmental bodies is changing rapidly - almost every day. This not only brings about new opportunities for municipalities and businesses, but also new challenges.

To stay ahead of the curve, and ensure your business is taking full advantage of this industry evolution, you need a partner, like U-Audit, that understands everything technology can offer.

What sets our premium consulting services apart?

U-Audit Associates offers premium consulting services for municipalities and businesses throughout New York State on an hourly or flat-fee basis. The total cost is only determined after we perform an analysis at no cost to our clients.

Explore our premium consulting services, provided for a fixed price to New York State municipalities and companies.


Cell Site Agreement Analysis and Negotiation

Cell site agreements represent a unique business opportunity throughout New York State. They can provide a continuing stream of revenue, often at no cost to the lessor. Harnessing many years of experience in the telecommunications industry, U-Audit can correctly analyze and negotiate your cell site agreements.

Franchise Agreement Analysis and Negotiations

Utility franchise fees represent a huge stream of revenue to many municipalities each year. The terms and conditions of franchise agreements, because of their length and complexity require analysis and input from professionals. Relying on its many years of experience in municipal government and the telecommunications industry, U-Audit can properly analyze and negotiate your franchise agreements, providing you the most flexible and profitable terms.

Utility Invoice Processing & Payment

U-Audit’s Utility Invoice Processing and Payment platform includes data collection, bill processing and bill payment services which include custom accruals and consolidated reporting. Let U-Audit’s services mitigate the need for additional staff, while ensuring that your bill processing is handled in a timely and professional manner.

Utility Data Analytics & Bill Management

U-Audit’s Data Analytics & Bill Management services include prepayment audits at the time of data entry and include specialized reporting, review and mitigation of exceptions as well as budgeting enhancements. U-Audit’s Data Analytics platform will ensure that proper payments are made each and every month, without exception.

Energy Procurement & Risk Management

U-Audit’s Energy Procurement & Risk Management services include proactive energy provisioning with market monitoring and analysis. Plus, U-Audit’s platform will incorporate renewable energy and community solar.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

U-Audit’s Energy Efficiency & Sustainability services incorporate energy technology upgrades and additions, while paying close attention to incentives and rebates. U-Audit focuses on operational optimization and employs VPPA strategies in a turn-key fashion.

5G Agreement Analysis and Negotiation

5G technology is gaining prevalence in the telecommunications industry. The need for multiple, smaller 5G sites is critical to the future of this infrastructure throughout New York. With decades of telecommunications industry experience, let U-Audit expertly assess and broker your 5G agreements.

Digital Billboard Agreement Analysis and Negotiation

Digital billboards are more prevalent now than ever before. Local laws allowing this new method of advertising are expanding throughout New York State, offering a phenomenal revenue-growing opportunity for businesses. U-Audit has the expertise in NY governmental affairs to efficiently analyze and negotiate your digital billboard agreements. Let us ensure you receive the maximum potential revenue.

Employee Benefits Eligibility Audits

When an employee retires, or their service is terminated, are their benefits terminated at the appropriate time? How often is your company paying for benefits well after an employee has left? U-Audit can efficiently review your personnel and payroll records to determine if benefits are being paid for individuals no longer employed by your New York based company or municipality.

Cyber Security Audits

Is your computer network secure from hackers? As you are undoubtedly aware, there is no shortage of bad actors in the technology space. Why not be sure by protecting your organization’s sensitive data and credentials with U-Audit’s comprehensive assessment of your internal and/or external network security conventions?

207A Supplemental Payment Audits

Does your municipality have a paid fire department? 207A Supplemental Payments are a complicated area of the NYS Retirement System. Payment amounts are often miscalculated. At U-Audit, we’re prepared to harness our wealth of expertise in governmental affairs, in order to evaluate if you’re overpaying for 207A Supplemental Benefits.