Standard Audit Services

Utility companies make mistakes all the time. Those mistakes result in overcharges on your bills due to incorrect rates and charges for services you don’t even utilize. Why continue to pay these overcharges? With U-Audit, you no longer have to.

What sets our extensive analysis services apart?

There are no upfront costs for our extensive analysis and auditing services. If we don't secure a refund for you, then you won’t be charged for our service. When a refund is secured, U-Audit is paid a percentage of the refund, but only after it’s received. It’s that simple!

Explore our state-of-the-art cost management services, provided at “no-risk” to New York State businesses and municipalities.


Utility and telecommunications Audits

Costs for NYS business and municipal governments are rising every year. New sources of savings are more important now than ever before. Let U-Audit evaluate your utility and telecommunications bills to make certain you’re being billed properly and aren't paying for services you don’t even utilize.

Cable Franchise Audits

Are you certain your NYS municipality is receiving the cable franchise revenue its entitled to? U-Audit can review your cable franchise agreements to determine if you’re receiving all that you’re entitled to.

Gross Receipts Tax Audits

Is your New York municipality receiving all that it’s entitled to with respect to gross receipts tax from the local utility and telecommunications providers? Let U-Audit assess your local law and expertly determine if you’re receiving the true amount due.

Street Light Audits

Unsurprisingly, street light costs represent a large percentage of a municipality’s electric bills. Are your street light bills being rated properly? Do you know if upgrades have been made, without the benefit of reduced costs for your New York-based municipality? U-Audit can ensure there are no errors and overcharges in your street lighting bills.

Telephone Franchise Audits

Does your municipality have a telephone franchise agreement? Let U-Audit evaluate your existing agreement to ensure the telephone provider is complying with its terms and is remitting the proper payments to your NYS municipality.

Waste Management Services

If your business employs the services of a waste hauler, U-Audit will analyze the costs associated with your program, determine if the costs are reasonable and negotiate the best program applicable to your needs.

Fee Analyses

U-Audit’s analytical platform allows us to efficiently evaluate the fees your municipality may be paying for banking, merchant services, payroll processing and shipping. Why pay more than others for these necessary services?